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Samarkand − Tashkent − Samarkand

Номе - Tours - Samarkand − Tashkent − Samarkand
Days 2
Nights 1

On the tracks of the great cities of the sunny country...

Historical tour

Duration: 2 days / 1 night

Route: Samarkand − Tashkent − Samarkand

1st DAY

 Samarkand − Tashkent (50 min, by plane, 289 km)

07:00 – gathering of tourists near the gate of central airport of Samarkand.

08:05 - departure by plane Samarkand - Tashkent.

08:55 – Arrival in Tashkent. Discussion of the tour program and other details with a representative of our company.

09:15 - breakfast at a local cafe.

10:00Visit to "Independence Square".

The main square of Uzbekistan is "Independence Square". Monument "Independence and Humanism" gives the majesty and grandeur. Globe with the contour of the Republic of Uzbekistan symbolizes the recognition in the world community. There are the Cabinet, the Senate and the ministries on one side of the area, and fountains on the other one. The "eternal flame" in honor of soldiers who died during the Second World War was established on the territory of the square.
Entrance to the square opens the arch "Good and noble aspirations." Its lightweight and elegant construction is based on 16 pillars of white marble, the length of the architectural ensemble of 150 meters. Colonnade is crowned with bird of happiness and prosperity. Road "Ok Yul" leading to Independence Monument, is translated as "Good way". There is also a monument Happy Mother holding her child. The architectural ensemble is a symbol of the homeland, life and wisdom, glory and honor . The monument symbolizes the hope for a great future of Uzbekistan.

11:30  Visit to Hazrat Imam Complex. 

Hazrat Imam Complex is popularly known as Hast-Imam located in an old residential district of Tashkent, Sibzar. According to scientists, it was the center of the city called Shash in the middle ages. The complex of historical and architectural monuments formed around Mazar Kaffallya ash-Shashi - the first Imam and preacher of Islam in Tashkent, also he was the famous theologian and linguist, after whom the complex was named "Hazrat Imam" ("The Holy Imam").

13:30 - lunch at a local cafe.

14:30 – Transfer to the hotel "Uzbekistan". Accommodation at the hotel. Leisure time.

16:00 Visit to the State Museum of Timurids History.

The solemn opening of the State Museum of Timurids History was held on October 18, 1996 in honor of the 660th anniversary of the birth of the great statesman and Commander Amir Temur.

It is three-storey building. There is an exposition of the museum on the second and the third floor. There is a unique exposition of man’s costume as well as women’s dresses from gold and satin. There is a copy of Muslim holy book – Osman’s Koran in the centre of the main hall.

The exposition of the museum also has archaeological, numismatic, ethnographic ornaments, objects of Amir Timur epoch. Here you have a unique opportunity to see such valuable historical documents as letters of Amir Temur to European monarchs.

18:00 – preview performance at the local National Theater named after "Mukimi."

21:00 - dinner at a local cafe.

22:00 - Night in the hotel.

2nd DAY


08:30 - завтрак в гостинице.

10:00 Visit to Memorial complex of Memory of Repression Victims.

This complex was opened in 2002, located in one of the most beautiful places in Tashkent, opposite the TV Tower. The complex consists of two buildings, devoted to the victims of Stalin repression, as well as park and rotunda with a memorial stone. Rotunda is the building with the dome of turquoise color, based on eight marble columns.

Here, in this unusually beautiful place, you can often see newlyweds, especially in autumn, summer and spring. There is an inscription in three languages on the memorial stone: “The memory of those who died for their country will live forever”.

11:00 - Visit to Tashkent Zoological park.

Tashkent Zoological park is a cultural, educational and research establishment. The Tashkent Zoo was founded in 1924 on the basis of the small menagerie which existed at that time at an art museum on the territory of a former country summer estate of the governor general, at the initiative of scientific biologists; an area of about 3 hectares was allocated for the Zoo. By the end of the 1940s construction of the Tashkent Zoo had been completed. The zoo housed about 200 species of animals.

In 1994, the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan made the decision to construct a new Zoo to meet all modern requirements and Standards. In 1997, on the Day of Independence, the new Zoo, located near the Botanical garden, began operations. The new Zoo is 22,7 hectares in size.

13:00 - lunch at a local cafe "Center Palov".

14:00 – Visit to Lokomotiv Amusement Park.

Opening of a new theme park and entertainment «Lokomotiv Amusement Park» was held on March 21, 2014 at the spring festival of Navruz.

During the reconstruction of the park is divided into 5 areas:

- Kids' Zone (13 rides for children under 15 years)

- Fun Zone (12 rides for children 10 years old)

- Extreme Zone (professional climbing wall, rope town bungee trampolines)

- Garden Zone (oriented for wedding photo shoots, a garden of rare tree species, with a system of ponds, canals and waterfalls, terrace, garden furniture)

- Chill out Zone (the area around the fountain with a summer terrace under the cafeteria).

16:00 - dinner at a local cafe.

17:30 – departure to the station.

18:00 train Tashkent - Samarkand (3h. 55 min. by train, 289 km)

21:55 - Arrival in the city of Samarkand. Check out the home.


All tours are carefully tailored, taking into account the preferences of tourists and tours may be organized for cities separately.

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